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The National Service Scheme has a vision of mobilizing available resources to enable targeted young people, to become more educated and better prepared for national issues requiring urgent attention, through national service activities in deprived areas, within reasonable congenial conditions.


National Service is committed to deploying young graduates and diplomats of tertiary institutions on national service countrywide to supplement manpower shortfall and to provide re-orientation and entrepreneurial skills for post-national service employment, through Community Development Programmes. This deployment would be done within a better-equipped administrative and institutional framework, towards a more efficient National Service Programme, managed by a well-motivated programme officer, towards increased productivity.


  • To provide trained manpower to supplement and improve existing level of manpower mainly in the public sector
  • To provide personnel for rural development and community action
  • To provide individual youth with Re-orientation
  • Introduction to a vigorous work culture Additional life skills
  • An awareness of national and social problems requiring attention
NSS Coordinator Mrs.G. Sumathi M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., (M.Ed.,)
Dept of Science and Humanities

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