Admission 2016 - 17

VPMM Trust, Krishnankoil 626 190
Srivilliputtur (TK), Virudhunagar (D.T)
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone: 04563 289111, 289337
Fax: 04563 - 289337

About us

The philanthropic, altruistic desire of Thiru V.P.M. Sankar to impart higher education in the villages around Srivilliputtur, persuaded him to start V.P.Muthiah Pillai Meenakshi Ammal Arts and Science College for Women in Krishnankoil in the name of his parents, respectable Thiru V.P. Muthiah Pillai and Tmt. Meenakshi Ammal.

Thiru V. Palanichami, I.A.S., the guiding spirit behind this institution, presided over the inaugural function.

Higher Education has an independent as well as instrumental value, i.e the purpose of higher education must be to rationalize attitudes as well as to impart knowledge and skills. Quality education should orient national development that should aim at training the younger generation the life skills, self-reliance, personality development, community service and social integration.

V.P.M.M. Educational Institutions have inherited these principles in addition to the expertise teaching that promises to give our students a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and their skills.